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Healing Paws Veterinary Clinic

1834 SW White Birch Circle 

Ankeny, IA  50023


Mon Wed Thurs Fri 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Tues 7:30 am to Noon Sat 8 am to Noon



Diagnostic Services

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Pet Diagnosis at Ankeny's Healing Paws Veterinary Clinic

Specialized testing for your pets may be necessary to aid in preventative health screenings or when you feel your dog or cat is “just not right”.  Healing Paws Veterinary Clinic is equipped with the diagnostic equipment necessary to provide your pet with excellent care. This includes radiology, laboratory, and ultrasound.


Radiology: X-Rays are an effective imaging tool used to diagnose a variety of conditions in your pet including orthopedic abnormalities, intestinal obstructions, organ enlargement, pregnancy detection, heart disease staging, bladder stone detection, as well as many other uses.


Laboratory: Our onsite laboratory allows for quick results on routine fecal screenings, urinalysis, heartworm tests, and complete blood counts. We use a local reputable veterinary laboratory for advanced testing with fast results.


Blood Pressure Monitoring:  Accurate monitoring is helpful in assessing cardiac health during surgery and in the care of heart disease.


ECG Monitoring: ECG Monitoring is used during surgery to provide a safety during surgical procedures. Our system monitors blood pressure, respiration, heart activity, oxygen saturation, and temperature.